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You've been invited to Cavendish Lane Community  It’s an online group that that I'm part of.  I have weekly access to an interior designer who answers all my questions regarding my home decor projects in concise and personal ways. 

This groups is for women like you and me who are home decor enthusiasts but want to know we are on the right track. 


Tatum, the founder of the membership does a weekly live video on Facebook. She demonstrates design principals, sometimes gives us fun design challenges but what I appreciate most is I have access to her when I need her!


And she focus’s her attention weekly on my questions and dilemmas. I have learned how to calmly and confidently make my home feel the way I’ve always wanted it to.


Tatum is my personal concierge interior designer and I have access to her every week! Its only $37 a month and it is money well spent. Don’t worry, you can cancel anytime.


There are women from all over North America in the group and we share tips and tricks, shopping wins and we cheer each other on in the progress we are making in our homes. It has been a wonderful experience and I want to share it with you.

Have questions?

How does Cavendish Lane Live work?

Cavendish Lane Live is a video Q&A session with personalized help from me. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, upload photos and I’ll answer your design and decor questions. It will happen once a week. All sessions will be recorded and available to watch at any time. You will not miss out if you cannot make the live session. 

What is in the Facebook Lives?

The Facebook Live will be posted once a week. They will include learning how to apply design principles, shopping strategies, decorating tips and tricks, and most importantly, learn how to incorporate it all into your home. 

How do I access the Cavendish Lane Community?

Once payment is received, you will receive a Facebook invite by me to participate in the private group. Once you accept the invite you’re in and only Cavendish Lane Community members can watch and participate in the activity in our group. 

What if I busy and can’t watch during the live sessions?

No problem! If you cannot make the live session,  you can post your questions to the private group page and I will be sure to answer them and you can see the recorded live session at your leisure.

Does this require a Facebook account?

At this point in time, Cavendish Lane Community will be using a private FB group. This is where we will be interacting, sharing and encouraging one another. If you do not have a Facebook account I am sorry this group will not work out for you at the time but please know you can visit my blog for weekly inspirations.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We are happy to accept most debit cards, credit cards and Paypal through our safe and secure checkout process on the next page. After a month’s payment is processed, we are unable to refund it, but you can cancel at any time.

How can I contact you?

Have more questions? Email me at I will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Hi, I'm Tatum

Everyone loves a story, and I really love when my home tells the story of our family, our dreams and experiences. I teach how to confidently create the home they love in a way that tells their story.  So why the Cavendish Lane Community, and why now?


The story starts over 12 years ago, when we moved to a new country, away from family, friends and everything we knew.  The international move shook me in a way I didn’t see coming. When we started to settle in, I knew our home needed to be the place to be known, a refuge, a comfort and a place of familiarity for our family. It was then I started to pay attention to the feeling of our home, using layout and color to create our story.


I knew that in order for me to process the external changes and challenges we were facing daily, I wanted our home to be a place of rest for my family and for those who would come visit us. 


From there It didn’t take me long to recognize, that our home became the space where we could get to know other people. I knew offering our home as a place of hospitality enabled us to get to know the “new” we were experiencing. It brought a sense of calm and familiarity, so we could open our doors to the unknown and all the new that surrounded us.


My love for “home” and the telling of our story began when we left our home. So I wonder, friends, have you ever felt the loneliness of separation, faced the unknown, and wanted to experience familiarity, calm and comfort? 


Join me in the Cavendish Lane Community and I'll help you tell your story.

Tatum Croft