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10 Tips For Styling Your Bookshelves Like a Pro

Hey Decor Friends,

Today I wanted to give you 10 tips for styling your bookshelves, bookcases, floating shelves. Wherever you have items displayed in your home, these design principals will help you determine what looks best for you space.

Can I start off by saying, bookshelves do not need to remain stagnant. These surfaces give you the perfect opportunity to change things around seasonally, or whenever the mood strikes you to change things up. However, if you do not like change, these principals will help you figure out your personal style, knowing your efforts will remain relevant for years to come.

Ready, here we go, TEN tips!

  1. Book shelves allow you to showcase souvenirs, trinkets, and tchotchkes. However you want to group them together! Visually you get more bang for your buck when you group like items together as opposed to spreading them out individually on different shelves.

  2. Remember our eye likes to see groupings of odd numbers.

  3. Add something green. A plant, faux or fresh will liven up any shelf, bring instant color and energy to your shelves.

  4. Can you add something whimsical to your shelves. This is the perfect opportunity to display your children’s artwork. Nothing says whimsical then the creative mind of a child. Seasonal decor also gives you opportunities to add something fresh and unexpectent to your shelves.

  5. Do you have something that is made of an organic material. Think soapstone, rock, moss, feathers, cotton. The addition of texture will bring an extra visual layer to your shelves.

  6. Do you have something with an interesting shape? Any shape that contrasts with the linear lines of the shelf and books, will make a huge impact.

  7. Do you have something metallic? A different finish finish will strike a dramatic contrast. Think galvanized metals, something shiny, something patina.

  8. Do you have something vintage to add to your shelves? The natural patina of older items will add contrast and interest and is a wonderful opportunity to display something from your families history.

  9. Do you have have chic storage containers? Think metal baskets, rattan, hand woven or vintage containers. They can serve double duty. Adding storage and looking stylish. Containers are a must have on your shelves.

  10. Books- have you considered arranging them by color? Have you considered arranging them page side out? Stacking books horizontally and adding vertical groupings will aid your books by becoming centre stage and playing a key decorating role on your shelves.

There you have it friends. Now go take a look at what you currently have on your shelves and see if there is room to change things up, addd some color, texture or personality.

And hey, did you know that on all the socials I post daily decorating tips. Come join me…

Bye For Now,



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