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2022 Decorating Resolutions

Hey there Decor Friends,

I hope you are feeling rested and invigorated to take 2022 by storm. I thought it would be fun to talk about “decor resolutions”. After all the holiday fanfare is taken down and packed away, I thought I would give you a few decor ideas to think about for the upcoming year. Some require effort, some require time, some require money but all of these suggestions can be considered “goals” for your home.


Let me list them out and then over the next few weeks I will tackle a few at a time.

2022 Decorating Resolutions

  1. Cut the clutter

  2. Try a new color story

  3. Display with purpose

  4. Go Green

  5. Keep it Cozy

  6. Style Up the functional spaces

  7. Think Tranquil

  8. Utilize your outdoor spaces

Resolution #1- Cut The Clutter.

You know the piles, the drawers, the cupboard that you hold your breath every time you open it, and hope for the best :). We all have them. Perhaps you are a collector. It maybe time to put some of your collection away, and if you’ re not ready to part with your treasures, try grouping them together as opposed to sprinkling them throughout your home.

I’ve included some inspiration pictures of different ways you can display a plate collection. These ideas can be used to display many different types of collections.

Resolution #2 - Try a New Color Story.

Don’t panic I’m not suggesting you repaint every wall in your home, what I am gently suggesting is that you can try a new accent color in one room of your home. There is nothing like color that automatically changes the look and feel of any space. Don’t be afraid friends. If in doubt about a color, take it for a test drive.


Designer Tip

The easiest and most budget friendly way to do so is by purchasing a bouquet of flowers that represents the color you are thinking about. Go for a solid color bouquet. I promise, as soon as you add it to your space, you'll know if you love the color and want to move forward with adding additional pieces of the new color. Remember when accesorizing with a color, you want to have it represented at least 3 times for it to be a true accent color in your room.


See you next week when we continue on with our decorating resolutions.

Bye For Now



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