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2023 Decorating Resolutions

Hello Decor Friends,

Happy 2023 to you. Have you started thinking about any home goals you have for this new year?

Is there a space in your home that is unfinished? Do you have a room that the colors are perhaps outdated? Do you want to experience more calm in your life? A refresh may just be part of your solution.

For the next couple of weeks here on the blog, I’m going to give it to your straight and talk about things in your home that are outdated, and may be in need of a refresh. Perhaps over the next few weeks you will be inspired to set some home goals for yourself.

Are you ready? The first place I want to gently suggest is outdated and time stamps your home is if you currently have a red brick fireplace. Popular many years ago, the red brick is an immediate time stamp to your home. Brick adds wonderful texture and dimension to your fireplace, it’s the color that has “expired” and may be causing your space to have a dark and outdated vibe. Do not fret, I have four ideas to update your fireplace without the expense of tearing it down and starting fresh.

Cover up your brick with concrete, tile, paint or air stone. All are DIY projects that require elbow grease but are wallet friendly options.


Designer Tip

Adding a gorgeous mantel, and accessorizing your new fresh faced fireplace will immediately add life into your home.


Now if you find yourself staring at your fireplace and it is not red brick, but your wheels are turning and thinking it could use some TLC, all of the above suggestions will work, regardless of the color of your brick.

Happy New Year Friends, Thanks for sharing along in my musings about design and decor. Thankful for the weekly opportunity to bring beautiful and inspiring ideas to your inbox.

Until next week,



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