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3 Designer Tips for Tile Projects

Hello decor friends,

Today I wanted to chat with you about tile. It is a fabulous material that can be applied to so many areas in your home.

Tile comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and price points. Many of you have reached out to me and expressed your frustration over the cost of installation.

Today, I wanted to give you 3 designer tips when considering tile for your projects.

Patterns, expensive materials, and size of tile all play a part when the cost of labor is figured out. Do your due diligence in getting estimates before deciding on a tile.

Manufacturing, shipping and delivery are now factors that need to be factored in when planing a tile project. Be sure to ask what those timelines are at point of purchase.

Grout does not have to be white. You can vary the thickness of grout. There are so many gorgeous shades to choose from. Things to consider with grout. Do you want to be able to clean it easily? Color of grout, will it fade? Ask yourself if you want the grout to help bring attention to the tile, or to be a supporting actor, allowing the tile to shine.

This gorgeous tile, handmade = pricey. Most likely an up charge for installation.

This tile requires the pattern to be aligned. Perhaps an additional charge. Be sure to ask, before you receive sticker shock for installation.

Here are some examples of grout colors. The sky is the limit. Again, ensure you ask if a colored joint changes installation costs.

There you have it friends. 3 Tips to consider when choosing tile for a project at home.

Bye for Now,



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