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3 easy summer swaps

Hello Decor Friends,

Summer is here. I wanted to send you 3 easy “summer swaps”.


Swap out/or cover up wooden or dark upholstered dinning room chairs with slipcovers. Why, they look charming, casual and are readily available. Choose something lighter and brighter than you currently have. I personally love slipcovers. Throw them in the wash if need be, but slipcovers can instantly change the color story in a space, add texture and or dimension through textile print.

2. Add some striped Turkish towels to your bathroom, or outdoor spaces. Nothing says summer like a stripe. The colors add a sun drenched, summery feel to any bathroom.


Designer Tip

The fringe on a Turkish towel, is a small but powerful decor detail. It’s amazing how a $10.00 towel can change the “feeling” in a space. Give it a try.


3. Swap out a darker, heavy carpet runner in your home for something lighter in color, lighter in texture. If you have a wool runner, think cotton, or look for a flat woven or low- pile rug replacement. There is something to putting away “bulk” that makes a space feel fresh and summer ready.

Summer swaps! Easy right?

Photos House&Home

Bye for Now,

Enjoy this first weekend of summer ’23.



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