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3 Ideas for Instant Fall Curb Appeal

Hello Decor Friend,

Can you believe we are heading towards exiting August. For the longest time I had in my head that fall only began after Labor Day. I refused to change anything in my home or outside my home until we had hit that magic date on the calendar. Yup, that’s what I USE TO think. Depending on where you are, life may already be transitioning into a new season with the beginning of school. Some of you may still be enjoying the last few days of summer. Paying attention to the rhythms of your family, that is where you begin to feel the true transitions in life. Your home is yours, you chose when or if you want to reflect those changes. So, the wreath on my front door is changing, before Labor Day :)

Today I thought I would share 3 super fast idea’s around transitioning our homes, and more specifically our front door to welcome early fall. These ideas are wallet friendly, can re- purpose something you perhaps have, and hopefully will ignite some creativity as to how you can add some fall curb appeal to your front door.

Add some burlap to your front door. This wreath grabbed my attention because of the wonderful texture burlap offers. It is a twist on a typical front door wreath yet nods to the changing of the seasons with the earthy color palette. By the way, there are plenty DIY tutorials found on the web to help you create you very own burlap wreath if that interests you.

I love a grapevine wreath. They can be used year round and provide the perfect canvas to personalizing a wreath for your door. These leaves, tell a very monochromatic color story, and are hinting at fall, but without the bright bold colors of full on fall. The leaves are made of felt, which adds an additional textural component to this wreath. Adding in a few small pinecones, this lovely early fall wreath is sure to add curb appeal to your front door.

Looking for something different. Try a black board. This is so simple, yet so welcoming. Be creative with your message. By attaching the board with a ribbon that is friendly with your front door could be the perfect feature for your front door.

There you have it friends. I hope these ideas find you inspired. Remember you can find me daily on FB and Insta for more decorating tips and tricks.

Bye For Now,



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