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3 No Fail Steps to Style a Round Table

Today we are chatting about styling a round table. Be it a coffee table, dinning room or kitchen table, the design principles work no matter what size. Step 1. Take a birds eye view and draw a triangle in your mind. You want to use the outline of the triangle to direct the placement of your items on the table. Now that you have a boundary to help place your items, lets get started. Step 2. I want you to think large, tall, and whimsical. It’s easiest to start with adding something large to your table. It could be an interesting urn, lantern or vase of flowers. Pick something that is interesting or meaningful to you. When I say whimsical I want you to think interesting shape or texture.  If you have a smooth table finish, think grainy, metal, basket weaves. It all about the contrast that makes your tabletop interesting. Now I want to walk around your table and see how the positioning looks from all angels. If you need something to bridge the gap between you lowest and highest item, do it! This is where a taller, sculptural item can come into play. You want your heights staggered so ensure your “taller” item fills the gap and does not duplicate an existing height. If you need to add some color, do it! Scale is the superhero of styling a round table. Play around with your items, you’ve got this.


*** Designer Tip *** Use your phone to snap pictures of the items you are grouping together. You will have a visual record to refer back to when you are moving pieces around. Photo’s pick up perspective we often miss. Get snap happy!


Step 3. Add something square or rectangular.  Consider adding a square area rug under your round table. Rectangles look fantastic on top of a round table. Think books, magazines, baskets. The hard lines soften when they are paired together with the inviting curves of a round table. Thinking about adding an additional circular shape to your round tabletop, sure, do it, but try to only add one.  There you have it friends, how to style your round surfaces. Trying something new? I would love for you to snap a picture and send it to me. You can find me daily @cavendishlane on insta and tatumflorencecroft on FB. Bye For Now ~Tatum


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