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3 Tips to Purchasing an Outdoor Rug

Hey Decor Friends,

With spring in full bloom, and warmer days on the horizon, I wanted to share with you three tips to purchasing an outdoor rug.

I am a huge fan of an outdoor rug, It instantly defines a space, adds color, texture and some needed foot protection from the materials underfoot.

Think about these 3 things, before purchasing an outdoor rug.

1. Material

Durability should be your number one concern—and the easiest way to ensure a rug will last is to be smart about the materials it's made from. Synthetic fibers like polyester and polypropylene are best, and in particular polypropylene because it's suitable for any climate, plus it is stain and fade resistant.

If you want to avoid synthetics, opt for a jute rug, know they're harder to keep clean and are best for dry climates or covered areas.

2. Size

Outdoor spaces come in all shapes and sizes, so you should take time to consider what kind of rug will be best for your area. If you have a balcony, a small rug will be enough, while larger patios might need more than one rug depending on how you utilize the space. Rugs an be used to define sitting areas, eating areas and lounging areas. Consider breaking up your space with smaller rugs, vs one larger rug.

3. Function

Will your rug be placed under a dining table? Do you have pets? Are you planning on using the rug indoors during winter? All of these questions should be considered when you're shopping for a rug. If your rug is near water, pay special attention to the material. You want something quick drying and will not fade due to chemicals or salt.

Be inspired by these different looks that are all outdoor options.

There you have it friends,

Happy Shopping for your new outdoor rug,

Bye For Now,



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