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5 Things to Do Today to Prep For The Holidays

Hello Decor Friends,

How are you doing? The sugar rush of Halloween is probably waning, and you may or may not be thinking ahead to your Christmas holiday decorating.

Depending on where you are in the world, you may be planning a fabulous family American Thanksgiving, or you may have already celebrated if you reside in Canada. Regardless of where you find yourself on the globe, I wanted to give you 5 tips for preparing for your holiday decorating.

  1. Start your Christmas projects now. If you are hoping to have your dinning room or guest room painted for the holidays, do not delay. Paint is something that is experiencing some shortages. Spray paint, is in high demand.

  2. If you are needing any furniture pieces, honestly purchasing from stores that will sell off the floor is your best bet. Shop consignment or Facebook marketplace, for items such as chairs, lamps anything outdoors. Shopping locally will save you wait times and crazy shipping prices right now.

  3. Do you have a holiday color story? Plan now friends. It will serve you well, if you are adding a new color, or metallic to your home both indoors and outdoors, start purchasing if you find what you are looking for.

  4. It may feel too early, but pull out your holiday decor boxes. You will want to make sure you have what you need to replace any light strands that may have burnt out. Inventory cannot be counted on this year.

  5. BUY NOW. If you see something in store, do not walk away from it. I have never been an impulse buyer, but if you have a list of items you need to replace, and a list of items you would like to purchase, you will feel calm and confident when handing over your debit card this year. Quantities are low, with no guarantee of restocking. Save yourself the disappointment and head into the holiday season with a plan in place so you can celebrate and enjoy the gift of being together this year.

Be inspired by some of these late fall, early holiday decor ideas.

Mercury glass is one of my all-time favorite decor items to use from now until the spring. Grouped together you get a gorgeous display light dancing in the shadows of your home.

Candles big or small, real or faux will offer you delight both day and night.

Colored glass is a fabulous way to create a styled mauled or tabletop using miss matched containers. Drop a candle in an you have a gorgeous personalized display. Add a tray and your curated grouping can be transported to any area in your home.

Bring the outdoors in. A bare twig, grapevine wreaths and sprigs of greenery will bring wonderful texture and organic elegance to any space.

Bye For Now Friends,



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