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A Tiny But Powerful Decor Accessory

Happy Victoria Day Weekend to my Canadian friends! Here in the US, we are waiting for Memorial to arrive. Seems like it would be an okay idea to just fast forward through the rest of spring,, and turn the corner to summer. Anyone else agree?

As we are all preparing for a long weekend, can I offer a quick, inexpensive and gorgeous decor idea that will delight you and your family, inside or outside your home.

Drum roll please……meet the succulent family!

These tiny plants, either fresh or faux can be stylized to suit any taste. They are family friendly and do not require a lot attention.

Consider colors when choosing your succulents. Monocromatic..using variates of green is always a great choice. For succulents with different colors- look for analogous shades. For example, blue, green purple, red, yellow or orange. These combinations can be spectacular together.

There is still time to join me Sunday night when together we can create your very own fresh or faux succulent arrangement. With tons of tips and ideas to make your arrangement look fabulous! From youthful and funky to traditional and stately these plants offer every space a hit of green, a dose of personality and an organic touch. Hope to see you Sunday. If not, I encourage you to consider adding these tiny plants to you home or garden this weekend.

Bye for now,



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