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Adding Faux Greenery... I'll Show You How

Hello Decor Friends,

Have you noticed the popularity in faux flowers and faux plants. Gone are the days of the dusty, dried flower arrangements, the plastic looking faux flowers, and ill colored faux plants. Today faux is beautiful and for people who do not have a green thumb they are the perfect accompaniment to their decor.

Today I wanted to share a couple tips when purchasing a faux plant, stem or flower.

Here are a few things to look for in faux flowers…

  • blooms that look real

  • stems that look real and bend easily

  • realistic leaves that are wired and bend

  • centers that look like the real thing

First tip

To ensure your faux flowers look as fresh as possible, handle every single bloom. Fluff it. Make sure every petal is where it belongs. Gently shape each bloom with your hand. This will make a huge difference in the way your flowers look!


Designer Tip

One of the biggest tale-tell signs a flower is fake is the way the leaves look! Crumpled up and folded leaves do not happen naturally so keep an eye open for these.


Second Tip

When arranging your faux stems, or placing a faux plant, ensure you use a vessel that would mimic a real arrangement. Often times, faux plants are sold in pots that are too small for their size. Faux plants are easily placed inside a larger, pot or basket to ensure the scale of plant to pot is correct.

Third Tip

Don’t be afraid to cut the stems of you faux stems. You would cut real stems to fit a vase. Remember the goal is to make your faux look as fresh as possible.

There you have it friends,

Bye For Now,



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