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Answering your questions...

Hello Decor Friends,

Today I am answering some great questions you have posted about area rugs and in particular, area rugs under dinning room tables.

Here are my top tips for picking the best area rug for under your table.

  • Not every space needs an area rug- just make sure to put felt pads on the legs of your chairs, this will ensure you do not scratch your floor.

  • Low pile and flat weave are my favorite for under a table

  • A round table does not need a round rug – measure the table at its widest part and add 15 - 25 inches for a rug – in fact mixing shapes looks fabulous and adds interest

  • Indoor/Outdoor rugs are always a great choice as they clean well

  • A cut carpet remnant works great as a dining room rug, just have the edges bound

  • Bigger is better the it comes to rugs. You want your chairs to fit comfortably on the rug when pulled close to the table and away from the table.

  • Always use a rug pad, it will help keep your rug in place

  • Decide if you want your area rug to be a point of color contrast or blend with your rooms color story

  • Sideboards, china cabinets, bar carts, and other furniture pieces in a dining room do not need to sit on the rug. They are fine standing on the flooring.

These are a few of my favorite area rugs for the dinning room. I have used them in several projects. All happen to be from Ruggable, a fabulous company that has designed washable area rugs. I am not affiliated with this company in any way, just adore their products.

There you have it friends. Thanks for sending in your questions.

Bye For Now



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