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Are you dreaming of a white Christmas?

Hey Decor Friends,

Do you live in a climate where dreaming of a white Christmas is a reality? Maybe where you live it is “only in your dreams”. Today I wanted to share with you some “snowy” inspirations.

Using natural elements, like pinecones, and purchasing “faux snow” in a can will transform the lowly pinecone into something wonderful . And if you are feeling extra festive, spraying a little glitter onto the snow, can elevate your pinecones instantly.

Paper snowflakes and icicle’s can be used in a dramatic way in your window sill, adding to your existing chandelier, perhaps your staircase. Pretty and inexpensive, these small touch’s can add big drama to your space.

Flocked “anything” adds the glow of winter snow, while keeping the base color peeking through. Garland, large Christmas trees, all the way to the ever popular tiny bottle floss trees. You can find flocked items in any home decor and big box store these days.

Ceramic trees, and tiny villages are everywhere right now. Available at every price point these fabulous little villages and trees can add just a touch of snowy cheer to any tabletop or bookcase.

There you have it friends, a few ideas to welcome the white fluffy stuff into your home. With no shovel required. :)

Bye For Now,



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