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Are You Ready For Spring?

Hey there decor friend,

I’m sure by now you have picked up that I am a big advocate of being seasonally relevant in your home. What I mean by that is your indoor space reflects the season that is outdoors. Dark, heavy, cozy and warm decorative items look fabulous during the long winter months, but come the spring, when the days are getting longer and the air is filled with fragrant scents from the garden, your home should reflect that change in season.

Not to worry, I am not suggesting your home be filled with bunnies and chics and lemons and tulips, but I am going to suggest that adding some well thought-out pieces of decor to your home can influence the way you experience the joy of spring in your home.

I wanted to give you a few ideas. Maybe get the decor wheels turning on how you can start welcoming spring into your home.

Bunnies are a short lived seasonal element but can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Depending on the colors and materials of the bunnies they can look juvenile or a more sophisticated sculptural element. I love the stone bunnies pictured above. It’s a nod to the season without being over-the-top.

Rattan is a fabulous texture you can bring back in the spring. The texture is light and airy. Says warmer days and blue skies. Rattan can be used in furniture pieces, but can also be found in decorative objects like vases and baskets. The lighter coloring of the rattan pictured above, softens the look of dark wicker and invites a lighter airier feeling to a space.

Tulips, one of my favorite flowers is a gorgeous pop of organic color. Bundled in a vase, multi colored or single color, tulips are a wonderful way to welcome spring.

Colored glassware. If you have pieces of this wonderful artful glass, display them. Nothing says the changing of the season then with color. And the airiness of colored glass is a dynamite pairing to say good bye winter, hello spring.

Have you been inspired to welcome spring into your home?

Bye For Now



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