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Artificial Trees 101- Answering your questions.

Hello Decor Friends,

Answering one of the most asked questions around this time of year. Purchasing an artificial tree. Today’s faux trees are looking more and more lifelike. Before you shop for a faux tree, I wanted to share a few designer tips to keep in mind.

Tip Count

Super important. This tells you the number of needles and indicates how full the tree will look. The fuller the tree the less visible the trunk.


Needles made from PVC can be a more affordable option. This is the best option to load a tree with ornaments.

Polyethylene is a more durable and realistic option. This allows the actual tree to be the star.

Many brands will combine both materials.

Top Row:

Awarded the most realistic needle. Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce – perfect for trimming the tree.

Bottom Row: Balsam Hill Alpine Balsam Fir slim tree. Excellent tree to showoff the tree itself.

Christmas Tree Lingo

Full, slim or pencil suggest how wide or narrow the overall tree it.

Designer Tip

  1. When measuring for you Christmas tree, allow for at least 12” between treetop and ceiling and 6” between tree and wall.

  2. Love the aroma of a fresh tree? A few drops of essential oil on well placed pinecones on your tree will add a layer of sensory delight for all you evergreen lovers.

Will you be purchasing a new, faux tree this year?

Bye For Now



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