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Boredom Busting Decor Ideas

Hey Decor Friends,

This week I thought I would give you 3 boredom busting decor ideas. Since we are still at home looking at the walls, maybe these 3 ideas will spark some creativity. All these ideas are BIG IMPACT, MINIMAL EFFORT projects.


Change out a light fixture!

Light fixtures aesthetically and functionally can change the look and feel of a room instantly. Perhaps the light above your kitchen table has seen better days. Maybe your foyer light could use an update to reflect a new season in your life. With all the amazing online shopping that is available right now, finding one for a reasonable price yet offering super stylish options has never been easier. To start your search determine the type of material you like. Wood, metal, beaded, rattan, mixed materials, glass. Next, determine the shape you prefer and start your search online. Wayfair, Overstock and Amazon have so many reasonably priced fixtures. Have fun!


*** Designer Tip ***

Once you have determined the material and style of your light fixture be sure to take time and figure out what type of light bulb you want. Many high efficient bulbs emit a very cold and blue light. Many warm bulbs can appear very yellow. Take the time to figure out what light bulb will enhance the aesthetic you are trying to curate in your space.



Try introducing or moving baskets into your space. Not only do they offer wonderful texture but they can be functional items too. Are you tired of finding pillows and blankets on the floor. Add a big basket to contain them all. Not sure how to corral all the paper that is overtaking your kitchen counters. Try a basket to contain the chaos. Maybe a plant in your home could use a little accessorizing. Give it a new home inside a gorgeous basket.

Contrast old with new

Do you have any vintage pieces, family heirlooms, that have been packed away? How about pulling those items out. Do you have any older china, or photographs? Introducing older pieces with newer pieces adds so much personality and it helps to tell you families story. Just picture vintage photos in sleek contemporary frames. The contrast is interesting. Minimal effort maximum impact. Do you have any old family china or serving dish’s? Display them prominently in your glass cupboard along side a newer piece. Again the contrast between old and new will add so much interest. All it may take is rearranging items or shopping your home to layer old and new together.

Now if you're thinking, these look beautiful in the pictures, but how do I make it look that great in my home? I can help you! The members of the Cavendish Lane Community send me their questions and pictures and get my professional advice and feedback, ensuring their spaces and decor choices look fabulous every time. This might be the perfect time for you to check it out and be part of the community?

Have the best time friends. I hope these boredom busting decor ideas spark some creative ideas for you home.

Bye For Now,



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