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Coffee Table Challenge

Hello Decor Friends,

One thing I have learned when working with clients is that utilizing what they already have can bring such joy and new life to a space. So friends, this weekend I am challenging you to rethink how you have styled your coffee table. Don’t have a coffee table? This same challenge can be applied to a buffet table, console table, or side table as the base.

Step 1. Take a picture of what you currently have on your coffee table.

Step 2. Remove everything and start with a clean slate.

Step 3. Now it’s time to add back items.

Step 4. When you’re satisfied with your “new look”, snap a picture and send me the before and after.  

Not sure where to start? Well google is always helpful to pull up pretty images, Maybe you have an Pinterest board, perhaps you have seen a vignette in a local store that speaks to you.

To get you started I’ve created a list of items to get you thinking about your coffee table refresh.

  • candles

  • picture frames

  • candlesticks

  • decorative bowl

  • plants- fresh of faux

  • pottery

  • decorative box

  • sculptural items

  • books

  • lanterns

  • tray

  • baskets

I can’t wait to see what you have created. Send your before and after pictures to

If you are looking for additional inspiration,, follow me on FB and Instagram. Other members within this fabulous online community will be posting their pictures. I will also be offering tips and suggestions.

Happy styling,

Bye for now,



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