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Color Boosts, to beat the winter blues

Hello Decor Friends,

Winter blues, it’s a very real thing people experience. Did you know that color can influence your emotions? Especially during the colder, gray days of winter?

I want to inspire you to think through how color can help you “smile” especially over the next few months. First step ask yourself what colors evoke a sense of peace, and joy. Close your eye’s. What jumps into your minds eye? Whatever colors come to mind, use these as  a jumping off point for you. Buy a bouquet of flowers in that color. Purchase a pillow cover in those colors. Maybe a fun coffee mug to bring a little sunshine into the darker days of winter is all you need.

If you are wanting something a little more permanent,  and If you are thinking about painting your walls, can I give you a few color suggestion. These are tried and true colors that evoke happiness and joy. 

BM Beach Glass 1564- consider this color an instant mood booster. A calming blue with gray undertones, Especially when blue skies seem absent for months on end, a lovelyy shade of blue may be just the thing you need.

BM Dark Olive 2140-30, a dark muted green that infuses a room with earthiness and elegance. Green tones, especially earthy tones encourage relaxation and help reduce stress. The perfect color for a bedroom or office.  

BM Hawthorne Yellow HC-4 - A balanced yellow that has depth and cheer all rolled into one color. Perfect for a bright reading nook, perhaps a laundry room. 

Color psychology is a very real tool friends. What colors will you be adding to your home during the winter to fight away those blues?

Bye for Now



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