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Cozy Fall Decor Ideas

Hello Decor friends,

Jumping into our topic today! What are some decor items that you can utilize in your home that help you experience the sense of coziness? Last week we talked about “crisp” ideas, and how using your senses to guide our decor choices can be helpful. Well this week is no different. To begin I want you to close your eyes. What do you picture in your mind when I say the word cozy?

Do you picture being wrapped up in a soft blanket? Do you smell anything wonderful? Are you drinking a piping hot cup of tea, or hot chocolate? Are there candles burning in the background of your “cozy”setting? Do you have your favorite music, playing in the background? Perhaps there is a roaring fire burning in the background. All of these decor elements are using your senses to help you experience the feeling of coziness.

So now that you can envision your cozy setting, what pieces can you add, take from another room, pull out of storage, perhaps purchase to help bring your vision to fruition?

What steps can you take this weekend to add a little bit of coziness to your home?

Bye for now friends,



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