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Crisp Fall Decor Ideas

Hello Decor Friends,

Today we start our mini series “Crisp, Cozy & Classic”. The purpose of this mini series is to inspire you to celebrate fall, your way. Your home is a reflection of you and those who live there. Don’t be letting pumpkins boss you around friend.

Over the next 3 weeks I am going to give you some ideas as to how you can bring the outdoors in, through home decor. If you are a one and done decorator, perhaps this will inspire you to try one seasonal idea. Switch things up on a micro scale. Perhaps you love all the pumpkins, leaves, gourds and candles, maybe this will inspire you to focus on a few key objects to maximize their impact in your decor. Wherever you fall on the decorating continuum, I am so glad you’re here.

Last week we defined “Crisp” as cool, fresh, invigorating.

I know decorating can feel overwhelming to many, so during this mini series we are going to focus on our senses. Your senses can be a wonderful guide to helping you decorate your home. To experience a crisp, feeling in your space, let’s focus on our senses of sight and smell.

This lovely wire wreath has very little color contrast between the bronze hoop and burgundy foliage. Our eyes, see very little color difference. This low color contrast is offset by the wonderful textural difference between the smooth wire and leafy sprigs. I would use the word crisp and cool to describe this wreath.

To illustrate this design concept take a look at these pumpkins. A beloved symbol of fall, and yet these pumpkins have an understated, cool, calm feeling to them. The texture has variation but the overall color story has very little contrast. These pumpkins emit a crip, cool, calm feeling. These pumpkins can be found at Kirkland’s.

This wonderful vignette which uses our sense of sight and perhaps smell with the candle burning is another example of a crisp way to welcome fall into your home. Tight color story, with the dark metals, browns and soft whites create a visually appealing, crisp cool feeling. Again the textures in this story bring these objects to life, helping us enjoy the season of fall.

The last sense that you can use to experience the crispness of fall in you home is through the aroma in your home. This Etsy candle is actually called “ Crisp Apple”. I think scents like pear, apple, cleaner less heavy aromas are crisp. Give it a try you may enjoy a crisp smelling flavor in your home this month.

There you have it friends. The first week our mini series. Do you want your home to feel “crisp” this season?

Bye For Now,



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