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Cute, Kitchen Counters, Let me show you how

Hello Decor Friends,

One question I receive weekly is how to style a kitchen. And more specifically kitchen counters. We know the kitchen is the hardest working, most functional space in a home, but it does not mean that you cannot style it to look great when the kitchen is open or closed for business.

Designer Tip


Being in the kitchen, your food storage can act as double duty. Nutrition and style. How do you do this? I want you to think bold colors that you can find in produce aisle from your grocery store. A large bowl, of a single fruit can produce the most gorgeous pops of color. Think lemons, limes, nectarines, pears- fabulous summer colors. Add them into a glass bowl, and enjoy the gorgeous seasonal color you are adding to your countertop and bellies. Adding single fruit to a colorful bowl adds additional color. You can’t go grow with this, except to maximize the visual benefit, stick to one color of fruit.


Many of the items in the kitchen are hard working items. Use them, incorporate them into a vignette. A tray is a fabulous way to group items together while making a style statement.

The last “F” to consider when styling your kitchen counters is to add fresh or faux plants. Edible herbs, flowering plants, leafy succulents or rosemary tree’s bring immediate color, texture and aroma to your kitchen. Grouped together in vignettes or styled in odd numbers will highlight your savvy greenery in your kitchen.

There you have it friends. Happy styling.

~Bye For Now



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