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Deck The Halls

Hello Decor Friends

Have you decked your halls yet for the holiday season? I’ve received several questions about dressing staircases, so I thought I would send you some inspirational pictures and some designer tips on how you can deck your halls this holiday season.

Consider hanging your stockings off your banister. Using one color consistently creates a very harmonious and calm feeling.

Plaid is a classic holiday design element, One simple bow can add just a touch of color and finish off your staircase in a simple and elegant way.

Consider hanging something unexpected off your banister. These candy cane mugs offer a sweet surprise.


Designer Tip

3M Hooks, or Command hooks are the best kept secret for hanging heavy decorative items. They are removable after the season is over without any fuss. They do not damage or leave a messy residue.


Dont forget to utilize the steps of your staircase. They can provide a wonderful opportunity to add fun decorative accessorizes. These faux galvanized buckets provide a casual vibe to this staircase.

The potted mini evergreens add texture and calm, organic color where as the wrapped boxes pop with the cheerful, festive red and white theme.

Are you inspired to decorate your staircase differently this season?

Bye For Now,



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