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Details. The Secret Sauce in Decorating.

Hello Decor Friend,

Happy weekend! Can we say summer has unofficially started? Moving on and through the past couple of months is a great feeling, don’t you agree? Here’s to new beginnings and peace filled days.

Today, I thought it would be fun to give you a couple suggestions on how you can quickly, and inexpensively add detail to your home’s decor. 

Attention to the details in a room really makes the difference between a room that is “nice” to a room that is “amazing”!.

Let’s look at decorating with detail.

Here are 3 ideas you can do today.

When I am talking about decorating with detail, I am referring to accessorizes, but it can also include functional items in our space. For my first example I want you to think about your master bedroom or guest room. 


The details in a bedroom are made up of the pretty, personalized touch’s. Think bed linens. The bed is probably the biggest item in your bedroom, so functionally you want it to be comfortable and inviting. What makes a bed look comfortable and inviting? It’s all in the details. And in this case, LAYERING your textiles is a detail that will up your style savvy game in your bedroom.

A layered look of pillows adds interest, color and texture.

What about adding a throw to the bottom of your bed?

What about adding a breakfast try to your guest bedroom. A place where you can pile a few magazines, fresh flowers, a carafe with water that looks lovely and inviting. 

Picture your bed, now you have added layered details by your headboard, the foot of your bed, and perhaps the middle with the addition of a tray. Your bed is now layered and looking fabulous.


I want you to look at any room in your home and ask yourself if the room is balanced. Stand back and take a picture. Your phone lense will pick up details your naked eye may overlook. When viewing your phots, ask yourself if one side reads as heavy. Maybe you may have a lot of plants, they sit close to a window, perhaps all that greenery is weighing the one side of your room down. Perhaps it feels “off, or lopsided”. 

Again referring back to your picture, maybe you have a lot of furniture on one side of the room, leaving the other side feeling, weightless. Your balance is off. Try moving a chair, perhaps a lamp, larger plant or art work. Your eye will tell you when you have found balance in your space. Don’t be afraid to play around and take pictures as you go. Your phone lens is a decorating tool, use it.

Seasonal Decor

Take a cue from the calendar, what small touch’s can you add, and then take away so your room stay’s seasonally relevant. Things like pine boughs do not make sense in the summer. Likewise, watermelon and lemons are seasonally irrelevant in the winter. Take a quick glance across your spaces. Is there anything you need to edit out for this season. Color is another way that you can stay seasonally relevant. Your accessories in the winter months may be darker, jewel tones. In the spring and summer, they may be lighter colors, think neutrals, blues, and greens. Perhaps editing out a darker item and replacing it with a lighter version may be all it takes to take your room from “nice” to “amazing”.

That’s it, 3 simple tips to ensure you have details throughout your spaces. These details can take your spaces from “okay” to “fabulous”.

Have a wonderful weekend friends. 

~Bye for Now



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