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Do you have a style savvy front porch?

Hello Decor Friends,

How is your curb appeal? Are you happy with it? Is is lacking something?

Well I wanted to inspire you to think about what is to the left and right of your front door this week. Ask yourself this question.

Do I have something with:

a. Color

b. Height

c. Visual Interest by my front door.

Container planters is the solution.

Be inspired by these ideas. And friends, do not be afraid to mix, faux and fresh, tall and short, bold and subdued. Porch planters are meant to be an expression of you! Have fun with them, knowing you are upping the ante on your curb appeal.


Designer Tip

When filling your porch planters, be sure to stuff them. Do not skimp out buying enough flowers for the containers. The more the better, the bigger and fuller your porch containers are, the more professional and styled they appear.


Bye for Now Friends,



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