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Do You Know the 3ft. Rule?

Hello Decor Friends,

This week I wanted to share with you 3 common decorating mistakes that can make your home look messy and unkept. And friend to friend, we don’t want our homes to look messy because of our decor choices, everyday life can take care of that.

Adjusting just a few things could be the key to changing up a space that feels cluttered and closed in to a visually stunning, and organized home. Our decor style is made up of several elements. Only paying attention to a few of these elements could be the culprit in making your home feel messy and unkept. For this week, let’s zero in on a room that perhaps feels crowded.

The first question I want you to think about is, your furniture in this space. Is the scale of the furniture appropriate for the size of the room. In other words, does the furniture overwhelm your room?

Is there comfortable space to walk around all your furniture pieces? If the answer is no, you may want to consider editing your room. Paring down on the amount of furniture is a starting place.

Have you heard about the 3 ft rule? In a nut shell, you want 3 ft around each piece of furniture so you can walk around easily without bumping into a wall or furniture piece. If you have drawers that need to be accessed, you most definelty want to adhere to the 3 ft rule.

Is all your furniture pushed up against a wall? This could be an indication that you do not have enough room for all your pieces. Bringing a piece of furniture off the wall can instantly help make the room feel larger. This is referred too as letting you furniture float.

A couple of other suggestions, not every piece of furniture needs a table or side table beside it. Eliminating some tabletop surfaces could be the very thing that opens up your room and makes it feel less stuffy. Another thought, not every table needs a table or floor lamp beside it.


Designer Tip

Cords, adapters, and all “the things” that accommodate electronics can be easily disguised, and hidden away with a little thought and preparation. Cords are unsightly and can instantly make a space feel cluttered and messy.


Two examples of rooms that feel uncluttered. Notice the space around the furniture pieces and the scale of the furniture in the photos. Not overpowering, floating and the 3ft rule is being utilized.

No matter what your style is, moving a space from messy and crowded to open and airy will instantly change the feeling of that room.

Bye For Now,



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