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Do You Love Home Decor?

Hey Decor Friend,

I’ve seen this a million times. Walking the aisles of Homegoods or Homesense. I see something fun in someones cart, but they quickly put it back on the shelves. A look of panic crosses the panic shoppers face. I know, she starts to worry that she is wasting her money, unsure if this piece will work in her space. She puts it back on the shelf, and leaves the store empty handed and probably a little frustrated.

Does that experience ring true for you? Can you relate to feeling overwhelmed , discouraged or perhaps experiencing decision paralysis with home decor projects. Can I tell you something, you are not alone.

If you are ready to take control of you home decor projects, with confidence, well friend, I have the place for you...

There is a groups of fabulous ladies who meet online, when their calendar allows to learn essential decorating principles in a fail proof way.

It’s decorating made simple and I want to invite you join us.

Get all the core decorating design principles explained clearly and simply.

You get to ask me your personal design dilemmas every month.

You get a built in cheerleading squad! A wonderful community of women encouraging and celebrating with you as you move forward in your home projects. Everyone in the community loves home, loves decor, and is wanting to create authentic homes that reflect their personal style.

Start decorating with confidence by learning decorating core principles, crack the code on seasonal decor, and understand your personal design style. Join the Cavendish Lane Community for just $27 a month.

Here is all the information and some wonderful experiences of current Cavendish Lane Community members.

On Friday, September 18th Cavendish Lane Community Members will get exclusive access to the Decorating Made Simple Series, you won't want to miss out. Join now and you'll also get to enjoy all the summer videos and DIY’s that members have been using to transform their homes.

I look forward to seeing you in the community.

Bye For Now,



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