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Don't Do This...

Hey Decor friend,

For the next 3 weeks we are going to chat about the top 3 most common decorating mistakes. My hope is this information will help you avoid or pivot from these decorating mistakes. The top 3 decorating mistakes are:

  1. The wrong size drapery

  2. Area rugs that are too small

  3. Artwork hung too high

Today, let’s tackle the first common decorating mistake. Drapery, more specifically ill filling drapery. Drapery is not only a functional item in the home but also decorative. Being able to purchase store bought panels is a wonderful way to dress your windows without the cost of custom, however it is tempting to purchase a length that is “close to” what you need. Store bought panels are limited in size options. With homes being built with higher ceilings, the length that drapes require is growing by the minute. Don’t do it friends, don’t settle for a panel the is “close too” what you need. Unless you are willing to put the time and money into elongating or widening a panel that does not quite fit, you are doing yourself a huge disfavor. Draperies, are like staple pieces in your wardrobe. They need to fit well and provide you the opportunity to dress your space without the distraction of size or shape. Ill fitting draperies, are a distraction the to size and shape of a room. They detract and draw attention to the wrong element in your room.

The most common error when hanging drapery panels is that the panel is too short. Friend, a drapery panel that is too short, is not taking advantage of the fact that your windows help frame out your rooms. They add interest, they visually create additional height, but when an ill fitting drapery panel is hung, you are loosing the effect. Be sure when hanging your drapery you ensure they are long enough.

Here are a coupe examples of drapery panels being too short. As you can see, these panels do not “kiss” the floor, instead they float above the floor. Puddling your drapery on the floor is another style that requires additional length in the panels. It is often a style that lends itself to a more traditional nod, but maybe not the best if you have younger children and or animals in your home.

Here is an example of a curtain hung too short.

I hope you find this graphic to be helpful. Knowing how to hang a curtain rod and drapery panel is half the battle.


–– Designer Tip ––

If in doubt, always purchase longer drapery panels if buying directly from a store. It is easier to hem a panel then to try to lengthen a panel.


Bye for Now Friends,



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