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Evergreen – Adding Joy to Your World

Hello Decor Friends,

Today I wanted to share with you one of my favortie ways to add beauty and joy to the holiday season. Wreaths! Faux or fresh they can be used in so many different ways and designed to fit any decor style.

This past week, between a wreath fundraiser and my annual holiday wreath workshop, I have been knee deep in greens. Over 75 wreaths have been created this week.

Today I want to encourage and inspire you to make your own wreath. All you need to start with is a base. It can be a faux wreath from any store. A fresh wreath, a grapevine form, you name it, just start somewhere.

Here are my designer tips for creating a gorgeous wreath for you home this year.

  1. Add layers of greens. Mixing different textures and colors of greens together will result in a gorgeous base. Some of my favorite greens are fresh, sprinkled in with a few faux sprigs.Think evergreens, fir, juniper, cedar. Not only will you be working with gorgeous textures and colors, but the aroma is amazing. Sprinkle in some eucalyptus, all different types for added texture, color and again the scent is fabulous.

  2. Decide if you want to go natural with your greenery or do you want to add pops of color. Think decorative elements with sparkle and shine, if you want to create a festive highlight.

  3. Organic elements, like dried oranges pinecones and burlap help create a very natural looking wreath.

  4. Bow or no bow, you decide. When you have added all the greenery, and embellishments you want, hold your wreath up. Does it need a bow? Simple or elaborate, you decide. What feels right to you, your eye will guide you.

  5. Don’t forget to give your wreath a haircut if it needs it, and for the final step, ensure you add a loose wrapping of floral wire to give your wreath added stability.

Be inspired by some of the gorgeous wreaths created this past week.

May your day be merry & bright,

Bye For Now



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