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Experience Calm, Tranquil, Serene Spaces - Resolution #7

Hello Decor friends,

We are coming to the finish line of decorating resolutions for 2022. If you have missed the first 6 resolutions, be sure to catch up here.

My last resolution is to intentionally create a tranquil or serene “spot” in my home. I know busy households do not allow for a serene feeing throughout the entire home. With people, pets, activities, toys, and all the things we need to make our days go round, serene is probably not the overall feeling you get in the entirety of you home. However, I am going to challenge you to pick a spot in your home, where you can exhale and enjoy some calm. Perhaps this is a reading chair, maybe your bathroom, a corner in your family room, or your bedroom may be the place you can find some peace and relaxation.

Before you begin, ask yourself, "what does calm look and feel like to you”? I don't know the answer to that question, but I want to suggest some ways that you can quickly add some peace, calm and serenity to your home on a few wallet friendly options.

Use your senses as your guide. Do you enjoy the smell of an aromatic candle? Is there a scent that allows you breath deeply and slow down. Go get yourself that candle. Make is accessible so you can move it around to any space in your home where you can intentionally experience some peace and quiet. Our olfactory, or sense of smell is a major contributor to our overall sense of well being. What is that smell for you?

Do you enjoy candle light, minus the aroma? Does the tiny flicker of a candle burning, bring you joy and help you refocus and breath deeply? A candle surrounded by glass exemplifies the warm glow of a candle. Grab a candle, or three, light those babies and enjoy a few moments of focusing using your sense of sight to help you relax and unwind.

Do you have a favorite seat in your home? A place where you drink your morning coffee, a cocktail at night? Could you exemplify your feeling of peace and quiet by adding something textural to your chair. A wonderfully soft throw blanket. A rich and luxurious velvet pillow…. What texture would bring you added feelings of peace and harmony while you sit in your favorite spot in your home. Your sense of touch, and sight with wonderful textures, adds to you experience of calm and serene. Chose for you, what do you like?

Well friends, I’ve shared with you my decorating resolutions for 2022. We are 1/12 of the way through the year. Have you made any changes big or small to your home? Do you have any decorating resolutions?

Bye For Now,



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