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Favorite Colors for Hallways

Hello Decor Friends,

Dropping into your inbox today to share a few of my favorite hallway colors. Functional, practical, hallways can often be overlooked in terms of style and flair in your home. This utilitarian space can offer you the opportunity to inject personality and color into your home.

I’m giving you Sherwin Williams colors as well as Benjamin Moore paint colors to help narrow down your search and to give you brand specific information.

Designer Tip

Every color can be mixed, no matter what the brand. Please do not be told any different.

Designer Tip #2

Look up, don’t forget your ceiling can provide you the opportunity to add some color.

Designer Tipe #3

Remember when you add your accessories like a mirror or picture frames these count as colors, so be sure to factor them into your color story.

From light and airy to dark and moody you hallways deserve some attention.

What colors catch you eye?

Bye For Now


No wasted paint or leftover cans. Choose your color with confidence.

And if you are still feeling stuck, I offer online paint consultations.


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