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Fireplace Refresh

Hello Decor Friends,

Do you have a fireplace at home? It seems like the last few design projects I have been working on have been to update and rethink outdated fireplaces.

So today I am going to send you some inspiration pictures on different ways to style and design a fireplace.

I want you to take notice of the different materials used. Shiplap, wood, concrete, tile, brick. Gone are the days that only one material can be used to create the fireplace of your dreams.

When reimagining your fireplace, do not forget about the “top”. Above the actual fireplace is fantastic real estate. Do you like art, mirrors, or maybe your tv above the fireplace? Use the wall behind, or the structure you have built to become supporting actors for the accessories you use above your mantle.

Happy daydreaming friends,

Have I inspired you to rethink your fireplace?

Bye For Now



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