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Flocked Christmas Trees

Hello Decor Friends,

Are you a flocked Christmas tree fan? Do you use one in your holiday decor? Do you like the look of snow covered branch’s?

Confession time, I have not been a huge fan up until this year. However, I am super excited to add a flocked slim tree into my holiday decor rotation. Our youngest is all about Christmas and wanted something that remind him of the “true north strong and free”. A flocked tree seemed to fit the bill.

For the past few years the flocked tree trend has held strong. I use to think the snowy branches emitted a rustic feel, which is not typically how I decorate for the holidays. Boy was I wrong. A flocked tree can be used in any holiday decor.

Check out these flocked trees and the color stories that have inspired me to think outside the snowy, rustic style.


~ Designer Tip’s ~

When choosing a flocked tree remember to choose the appropriate sized tree for your space. The branch count is super important as you do not want to end up with Charlie Brown tree. Consider the color of the tree. Green comes in many different shades. Make sure you love it.


Bye For Now Friends,



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