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Flower Power

Hello Decor Friends,

Ready to inject some summer fun into your home this weekend? Adding flowers is a wonderful way to infuse life and color into your living space. Here are three wallet friendly and quick and easy ideas to get started:

Give your table some love

Swing by your local florist, and you know me and my love for Trader Joe's or even a nearby farmer's market to pick up a delightful bouquet. Choose a mix of your favorite blooms or go for a theme like "bright and cheery" or "soft pastels." Place the bouquet in a pretty vase or even repurpose a mason jar for that charming touch. It'll instantly become the heartwarming focal point on any surface in your home.

Create a Mini Indoor Garden

Why not go green and floral at the same time? Head to a nursery and grab a selection of potted plants and flowers that thrive indoors. You can mix and match different plant types to create your personalized indoor garden. Position them near windowsills, on shelves, or even hang some from the ceiling for a whimsical touch. Indoor plants not only look beautiful but also improve air quality and lift your spirits.

Designer Tip

Remember out eyes like “ odd numbers”. If you’re creating a symmetric line of planted flowers, or even vases, think about ensuring you have odd numbers represented.

DIY Flower Arrangements

Unleash your creative side with some do-it-yourself flower arrangements! Gather a variety of flowers, foliage, some tape, flower frog or mesh.( these are the mechanisms to hold your flowers in just the right place) With a pair of floral shears, start arranging your blooms into a stunning display. Get playful and try different styles, like a classic bouquet, a low-profile table centerpiece, or even a rustic wildflower arrangement. Your efforts will pay off big time when you see the charming result of your artistic endeavor.

Remember, it's all about having fun and expressing your personality when incorporating flowers into your home. So, let those floral fantasies bloom this weekend, and enjoy the fresh, vibrant atmosphere they bring to your living space! 🌺🌼🌸

Bye For Now



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