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Friday Favorites

Hello Decor Friends,

Today I am rounding up a few of my favorite finds from the past month. If you follow me on social media you will never miss my “Friday Favorites”.


Designer Tip

We have chatted in the past that long weekends and holidays always bring about amazing sales, especially on furniture. My one caution is to know how much shipping will cost. Often times if the sales price goes down, the shipping price will be bumped up. Just something to keep in mind. I know you all want to be shopping savvy. Also, know what the return policy is. Shipping and returns can get tricky.


Check out some of my favorite finds. I am in no way affiliated with these products. I just love them and use them in my design work.

The Everett table is found at World Market. The perfect shape to be used in confident pairing with many styles.

A fuzzy stool. Adds whimsy and texture to any space. Can be found at Jennifer Allwood Home

The blue denim tweed chair is the perfect blend of old and new. I have purchased this many times though World Market. Tweed paired with a contemporary style and in this soft denim color, it’s an amazing accent chair.

Lastly this lovely painted cutting board. Add a fresh twist to the cutting board craze.


Designer Tip

Layer up your cutting boards for a chic look.


There you have it friends. A few of my Friday Favorites.

Bye For Now,



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