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From Dull to Dazzling; 5 Elements to banish a dated kitchen

Hello Decor Friends,

From dull to dazzling, can I offer you 5 quick fixes for an outdated kitchen? These are my top 5 tips if you’re feeling like your kitchen could use a little style boost.

The investment into your home varies with each suggestion but I can promise you, thinking through what you have and where you want to take your kitchen will serve you well in the long term.

#1 Replace busy Granite Countertops

Dizzying patterns of heavy slabs can often times overpower a room. I know you might love granite countertops, and you need to love your home, don’t be bossed around by me, but just because you don’t like the answer doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Just some decorating advice, don’t shoot the messenger.

#2 Outdated Cabinet Colors

Color trends come and go, anything avocado green, or pink could be dating your kitchen.

#3 Old window treatments

Heavy fabrics, ornate trims, ruffles, anything will be time stamping your kitchen.

#4 Clashing backsplash

Often times a busy granite paired with an equally busy backsplash, could be an area that needs updating. Either look at updating countertop or backslash or both. If you are pairing a backsplash with a busier countertop stay with solid colors and minimal movement.

#5 Outdated wallpaper or wallpaper borders.

If you have fruit, vines or chickens on your wallpaper it may be time to think about something new.

Friends, you want your home to reflect you and your reflection as it is today, not 30 years ago. You’ve changed, so your home should reflect that change also. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the thought of tackling an update or not sure what needs to be done, I can help. Together we will confidently tackle your next home project. Get on my online consultation schedule.

Until next time,



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