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Get a Grip... the superpower of cabinet hardware.

Hey Decor Friends,

I wanted to pass along an idea that you could easily complete this weekend. It does not break the bank, takes minimal energy but can change the look and feel of any cabinet or furniture piece.

Today I’m highlighting the decorating super power of hardware, specifically knobs and pulls. Changing out old outdated knobs and pulls can update and refresh any piece of furniture. And the best part, you can sample the hardware first, one piece at a time, before committing to any one style.


Designer Tip #1

Chose multiple colors, and styles that you think may work. Purchase one of each. Adhere them to the piece of furniture, step back and take a picture of the new hardware.


Taking a picture gives you a different perspective and will help you make your final decision. If you are not fully convinced you like the new hardware, live with it for a few days. Change is hard, especially in decoratng. Anything new can take some time to get use too. Give yourself the gift of grace and time to determine what new hardware is right for your piece.


Designer Tip # 2

You can mix metals, again, test them out to see if you like the new contrast in color. If you love it go for it. If you don’t, then bravo, you have determined what style you do not like. The elimination process is part of the design process.


Looking for a quick and easy way to update a piece of furniture. Think about your hardware. It is truly a weekend project and can offer big change for minimal effort.

Bye For Now,



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