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Have you heard of decorating math?

Hey Decor Friend,

I'm answering some of your questions today. 

What is the 60/30/20 rule?

This decorating rule suggests that 60% of your room should be covered by a dominant color. 30% is your secondary colors, and 10% an accent shade. This is what we refer to in the Cavendish Lane Community as the rooms “color story”. As a visual, I think of a man’s suit. His jacket and pants are the 60%, shirt , 30% and tie 10%.

How many times does a color need to show up to be considered an accent color? At least 3 times.

What is the 3/5/7 rule?

Our eyes like odd numbers. Visually it feels complete. When thinking about pillows on a sofa for instance, whether you put 3, 5 or 7 , your sofa will always look balanced with odd, I know it feels counterintuitive, especially for those of us who like symmetry.

How many walls in a living room need to be decorated?

Not every wall needs to be decorated, but your room needs to have harmonious balance. 

What is the 80-20 rule?

This is a simple way of thinking about a room, 80% of a room should follow one style, 20% can replan to explore and add a different style. 

Hope this decorating math has helped!

Bye for now,



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