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Have you met the fandelier?

Light, Fan or Fandelier?

Hey Decor Friend,

One thing that every room has in common is that there is always a “center” or “middle point”. A hot topic in the decor world is light fixture vs fan.

Here is my quick answer to this debate. If you are hot or cold in a space and air needs to be circulated, a fan is a must have. Does you space have a fireplace and you use it as a heat source, well then a fan can be your friend.

In a bedroom do you enjoy the white noise of a fan but shiver at the thought of being under a constant breeze? Well, then I would say a light is more applicable in this situation.

Do not be bossed around by Pinterist or what other sources are telling you. You need to be comfortable in a room or all your hard work decorating it will be lost if you can’t stand being in the physical environment.

Have you thought of a Fan-De-lier?

The perfect cross between a fan and chandelier may be the solution you are looking for. Take a peek at these gorgeous options and maybe you will be inspired to switch out what you currently have for something new and updated. As you can see the “fan-de-lier” comes in all shapes, sizes and styles. All of these options can be found through and

Would love to hear if you have ever lived with a “fan-del-iler”?

Bye For Now



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