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Have you seen this trend?

Have you started to see “moss” EVERYWHERE!? From indoor decor to outdoor decor, moss is trending hard.

Why I like this trend so much;




Moss can be an organic, live element used in your decor but it can also be artificial or dried. Added to arrangements, bowls, and other vessels, moss can inject wonderful early spring color and texture into your space.

I love the idea of wrapping spring bulbs with moss. Grouped together with pinecones, on a tray, this is a lovely late winter, early spring display that can live both indoors or outdoors, depending on your current climate.

Did you know you can purchase “sheets” of moss at your local arts and crafts store. Using glue, you can wrap a basic terracotta pot to moss to create an interesting vessel.

Moss, combined with succulents make a gorgeous living “table runner”.


Designer Tip

Be sure to cut a length of cardboard the same length as the table runner as it will provide protection for your table from the damp live elements.


Reindeer moss can be purchased from garden supply stores, to online, to craft stores. It comes in multiple colors and sizes. Added to a dough bowl, or ceramic bowl, these little moss ”pillows” provides the perfect backdrop to add fun seasonal items, like bunnies for Easter.

Look how lovely, the dramatic contrast of the green moss and ceramic bowl look.

Did you know you can purchase moss spheres? Adding an additional layer of contrast with the spheres, this dough bowl is sitting pretty.

Using a long narrow crate, moss has been tucked in and shaped to create a lovely organic table top decor.

There you have it friends. Have I enticed you to trying adding moss to your late winter, early spring decor?

Bye for now,



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