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Help! I want to paint

Hey There,

You have joined us in the midst of a mini series called “Tatum Talks”. I’m answering your questions.

This week I’m tackling the common question ”Should I paint my wood trim white”?

Let’s get into it friends. If you were my client physically sitting across from me or on screen I would ask you if you have architectural detail that you want to highlight? If so, it might be a good choice to leave the wood tones. It gives it visual prominence.

Do you live in a historical home? Are you trying to preserve the past? Ask yourself if the wood trim is friendly with you furniture - if not- paint it. There is nothing more charming then mixing old with new. This room illustrates how choosing a low contrast color can play into the old, new equation. Keeping the trim and doors light, gives subtle contrast but highlights the doors, beams and trim.

White is not the only color choice when it comes to trim. You can paint it a color, however, if you are going to choose a paint color go all in. Paint your book shelves, built- in’s the same color. You’re already choosing high contrast, go big or go home!

Is your trim white, wood or another color?

Thanks for sending in your questions.

Bye For Now,



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