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How to Create a Focal Point

Hello Decor Friends,

One of the simplest ways to update, refresh, make over a room is to create a focal point. Often times clients, will say to me that their “room just feels off, but they don’t know why”? Rooms lacking a focal point, or have competing focal points can often be the culprit.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking. Does you space have:

  • An architectural element in a room

  • Something interesting on the wall

  • An outside view

  • A large furniture item that holds visual weight

  • Tile work

  • Kitchen island

Don’t panic, you already have focal points in your rooms because they are often the biggest, attention grabbing objects.

Think fireplace, French doors, vaulted ceilings, built in bookshelves, large art pieces, large windows with breathtaking views, a dinning room table, bed frame, stove hood or backsplash. These can all be considered focal points.

Looking to change things up in a space, you could add wallpaper to a specific wall, trim moldings or use paint to bring attention to a wall in your space. A large clock or mirror, a gallery wall, an interesting historical or vintage find. A large piece of furniture. Many ways to create visual interest.

What to avoid:

Drowning out the focal point by putting little tchotchkes all around your space. For example, if you have a. beautiful fireplace, but have loaded up the mantle with a bunch of “little items” you take away the prominence of the fireplace. Our eyes like to have a visual anchor, little objects sprinkled around leave our eyes confused. They do not have a grounding, a beginning place to settle, to start experiencing the space.

Here are some examples of focal points in different rooms.

Have you been inspired to create, refresh or change the focal points in your rooms? Tackle your focal point and you’re on your way to creating a curated, stylish, intentional rooms that represent you and your family.

Bye For Now



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