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How to dress a window

Okay decor friends, today I am treading lightly as I want to suggest that some of your window dressings are time stamping and outdating your home. Now, if you like your window dressings, keep them. You live in your spare and should not be bossed around by trends and current perspectives, but if you have been thinking that you are ready for something a little different, I want to encourage you to think about something new.

Windows are meant to give light, and be a looking glass from the indoors out. If you have heavy drapery that takes away from a beautiful view, that may be a cue in suggesting it’s time for something new.

These styles will time stamp your home instantly. Currently a "less is more" perspective when dressing a window.

To dress your windows in a more current style, think about roman shade or bamboo shades. Lots of texture, pattern and color are available to you using these styles but the look is a little more polished and tailored.


Designer Tip

Utilizing the superpower of texture and color, you can inject color and texture into your home. Bamboo and fabric can be utilized in so many different ways to help you create your perfect window dressing. Do any of these inspiration pics grab your attention? They are timeless decorating choices that allow the window some space to breathe while dressing it and giving it some design focus.


Have I stepped on your toes, I’m sorry friends. I just want to give it to you straight. I hope you are inspired to think about your windows as an extension of you style and change things up if they are working against your design goals.

Bye for now



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