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How to “Fake” A Renovated Home

Hey Decor Friend,

Many of you have asked me what my top 3 tips are for creating an “updated or renovated home” It’s a fabulous question.

My answer is:

• Color

• Lighting

• Decorative Moldings

Ensuring your paint choices are relevant and current is the fastest way to update the look of your home. This tip can be translated to the outside of your home also. To add curb appeal, ensure your home is clean and has a wonderful color that reflects today, not 25 years ago. Brown beige, burgundy and tuscan yellow are sure ways to date your home. Don’t shoot the messenger, just answering your questions honestly.

Lighting, is one of the easiest way to add a quick update to any space. Are the fixtures hanging in your home the original ones when you moved in? It might be time for something new. Are your fixtures an outdate material? Shiny brass for instance will date your home right away. Don’t forget the magic of spray paint. Often with a quick spritz, your light fixture can be transformed from outdated to current in a matter of minutes.

Decorative moldings, board and batten, wood trim add a custom look and feel to any space. This can include the super trendy shiplap, and barn wood. Walls that have detail and interest elevate your space. With a little time and effort you can add some “custom touch’s” without breaking the bank.

There you have it friends. Have you been inspired to refresh anything in your home?

Bye For Now,



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