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How to Hang Artwork Like a Pro

Hello Decor Friends,

Today I wanted to answer two questions that I get asked on the regular.

Hanging artwork!!

Here are a few tips and tricks before you pull out your hammer and nails.

When hanging two or more pieces of artwork vertically (over one another), treat it like one large piece. I think the appropriate space between any pieces of art should be between 1/2” -2” apart. If you space them too far apart they act as separate pieces rather than a cohesive look.

When hanging artwork over a sofa or piece of furniture, the grouping should be at least 2/3 of the width of the furniture below it. This will help keep scale and balance in check. The ideal space between the TOP of the sofa and the BOTTOM of the art is 5”-9”. I always suggest, pulling out your painters tape and marking it off so you can see exactly what your wall will look like with the art hanging. No surprises! If you want to go one step further, cut out the sizes of the frames with paper and literally position them on the wall. It is a template for you when you begin the process of hanging.

Happy hanging friends, I would love to see how your art is adorning your walls.

Until Next Time.



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