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How to Make Stripes work in Your Home

Hello Decor Friends,

Today I wanted to share with you a few ideas as to how stripes can be incorporated into your home and why they are a fabulous addition to any space.

Stripes are versatile and a timeless design element that can infuse a space with a touch of whimsy, elegance and a pop of color.

Why I love stripes, they are so versatile. Wide stripes are bold and add immediate visual interest. They can become an immediate focal point and make a room feel larger. Narrower stripes, like a pinstripe are classic, and add additional layers to a space without being overpowering. Stripes can be vertical or horizontal for a completely different look and feel.

Stripes have a timeless, classic appeal that lives on through all the trends of home decor. Stripes can be playful or sophisticated, charming and sophisticate, depending on the width and color you choose.

Simple stripes is a low risk way to experiment with this linear design pattern. Added to draperies, pillows , area rugs and accessories such as table linens, offers a non committed way to use stripes in your home.

If statement is the way you want to utilize stripes in your home, adding striped  upholstered fabric, or large scaled striped wallpaper, will inject immediate visual attention.

I would love to know, do you currently have stripes represented in your home, or would you consider adding stripes to your home?

Need help figuring out where a stripe could live in your home? I’m here to help. Check out my online design consultation service.

Until next time,



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