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Indoor Greens to Cure Winter Blues

Hello Decor Friends,

Today, let's talk about the color green. It is a hot trending color right now but, in my mind, has remained a classic.

How do you find your perfect green? Let me suggest three ways. Think of green in three buckets: Modern, pale, and blue/green shades. Between these three options, you should be able to find your perfect green. Remember, if you're not ready to use green on your walls, think cabinets, textiles, and accessories. Adding a little green will help chase away the winter blues and add year-long color to your home.

Check out my three green bucket suggestions.

Modern/Earthy Green

Earthy shades of green - think outdoor greens, but with a twist. Dulled down with grey, modern greens look fabulous with white, and black (see the painted door). Combining rich tones like the rug and deep wood floors, this green breathes new life and updates this bathroom.

Neutral Green

When a green is pale, it can act as a neutral, You green will need to have brown and or gray in it to become the neutral balance you may be looking for. A neutral green is best in small spaces, where you want a hint of color that won’t get lost in an expansive space.

Dark Green/Blue

Gorgeous saturated color that looks fantastic when paired with either dark or light tones. Considered a calming color, this could be an excellent choice for offices, bathrooms and bedrooms. 

Friends, I hope you are inspired to think about green differently. Will you be adding something green to your space in the future? Need help deciding on a color. Did you know I offer online design and decor services. All the details can be found here.

Bye For Now



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