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Is Your Home Crisp, Cozy or Classic?

Hello Decor Friends,

We are kicking off the season of fall with a mini series called crisp, cozy and classic.

Over the next few weeks I am going to give you ideas to help inspire you to create a crisp, cozy and classic feeling in your home. Now don’t be afraid friends. Classic does not mean, old and outdated. It means style that is timeless. The next few weeks my goal is to inspire you and give you some confidence to make choices for your home that represent you. You may be a “seasonal decorator". Inviting the calendar and the outdoors into your home. You may be a “one and done” decorator. You like to chose once and recycle what you know works. Whatever tribe you identify with, this mini series is for you.

Are you excited? I am, and friends, if you don’t already, come join me on Facebook and INSTA where I will sharing ideas everyday to inspire you to style your home, your way.

As a teaser, I am going to show you some of falls decorating trends that have caught my eye. And to kick off this inaugural week, let me define for you what I mean by “Crisp, Cozy & Classic”

Crisp: cool, fresh, invigorating

Cozy: giving a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation.

Classic: simple, elegant and long lasting style.

Looking forward to next week where we will dive into the design elements that I consider “crisp”.

Bye For Now



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