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Keep It Cozy - Decor Resolution #5

Well hey there decor friends,

We are smack dab in the middle of our decorating resolutions ’22 mini series. Today I am talking about all things decor resolution #5 “Keep it Cozy”. If you missed resolutions 1-4, be sure to check out these posts. Getting our homes in order, feeling lighter and organized, beautified and reflecting our personal style and families history is what my decorating resolutions are focusing on this year.

Today, I wanted to bring you ideas for resolution #5. Keep it cozy. No matter where you live, I know you are experiencing the season of winter. This may mean frigid, hibernating temperatures, you may experience a lot of rain, freezing rain, grey skies. So friends, does your home reflect comfort and coziness, does it invite you to relax and hunker down?

If your answer is yes, I hope these ideas inspire you to change things up. If your answer is no, I would encourage you to choose one of these suggestions and try implementing it in your most used space.


Designer Tip

Look for “unexpected” ways to add wintery warm textiles to your home. Think front door, a tabletop, a mantle or kitchen decor. Layering texture is a pro secret and makes your home look and feel seasonally relevant whatever room you are in.


Being a Canadian girl who finds herself in the south, I have experienced extremes

of winter weather, however my feeling of wanting to be comfortable and cozy during the winter months has never changed. So let’s get to it.

Feeling “cozy” and “comfortable” for me is all about my experience in my environment. Textures and soft light invite me to relax, and enjoy my home in the colder, darker season of the year. Can you guess my go-to decorating accessory for the winter?

Textiles - Think cable knit blankets, chenille pillows, faux fur throw blankets. The fabrics that make your physical body feel warm and comfortable can translate into home decor. Flannels, knits, sherpa, how can you bring in one fo these warm and inviting textures? Be inspired by these inspiration pictures that demonstrate how you can bring “cozy” into so many spaces in your home. Not only do I want you to think about the actual fabrication but also think about the print. Nothing says winter like plaid and buffalo check. If you like these prints, try adding them, if not, and you like a more muted color palette, think feathers! Added in small doses this unexpected decor textile can add a layer for fabulous wintery delight.

Bye For Now,

I’m off to curl up in my chenille blanket and dream about warmer days ahead!



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