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Kitchen Decor For The Win

Hello Decor Friends,

I was asked a fabulous question this week. I was talking with a staging client- did you know that I stage homes before they hit the real estate market. Pictures are so important right now. I have loved adding this service to my portfolio.

When it comes to kitchens everyone wants and needs “more” counter space. Did you know our kitchen counters can be functional and stylish! Today I’m going to give your 3 ideas how you can inject some color, a little personality and perhaps some whimsy into your kitchen.

Have you added something green? Adding a fresh or faux plant to your countertops gives you an instant color and texture boost.

Photo credit:Stone Gable


Designer Tip

Adding 1 plant is great but adding 3, makes a statement. Keep the look cohesive by using the same plant three times, or using different plants but repeating the color, shape and texture of the plant pot.


Tea Towels Do yours show the wear and tear of daily life in the kitchen? It’s okay, they are meant to be functional. Adding fresh tea towels in a pretty color or print is an inexpensive way to add whimsy and character to your kitchen. Try a new color, or a seasonally relevant print or pattern. With an inexpensive purchase like a tea towel you an experiment with new colors, textures and patterns.

I love this brand! You can shop these and all the options they carry through Amazon.

Create a kitchen vignette. Start with a base of some sort. A basket, cutting board or tray look relevant and stylish in a kitchen. Add something tall like a pitcher of flowers, a utility crock, or an interesting vase. Next, add something half that size to create visual interest. Maybe it’s a fabulous sugar dish, a napkin holder, a cookbook open on a stand. Another great idea would be to put your produce to work. Adding a bowl of green apples looks fresh and delicious. Stand back and look at what you are styling. If the height differential is too great, your eye will tell you. Try stacking a couple items to visually balance your vignette. Your vignette can be functional and stylish- its a great opportunity to continuously change things up in your kitchen.

Friends, whatever you have planned for this weekend, try adding something new to your kitchen counters. And remember, if you add something new, edit something out!

Bye For Now



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